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At Woody’s Boiler Training Courses, we specialise in offering top-notch education and practical skills in boiler operation and maintenance.

Our comprehensive Boiler Training Courses are designed to cater to both beginners and experienced professionals in the field. With a focus on hands-on experience and expert guidance, our courses provide all the necessary knowledge and tools to excel in boiler management and safety.

Whether you’re looking to start a new career or enhance your existing skills, Woody’s Boiler Training Courses are your gateway to becoming a certified boiler expert.


Boiler Fault-finding & Service and parts replacement courses.

The customer calls you and tells you that “my boiler does not work, can you come and fix it?” It may be that you are too busy to go out? More than likely people will say things like “cant at the moment, very busy, maybe next week” knowing that the customer won’t wait that long, perhaps your giving this answer because you are not very confident? Are we right?

Around 8 out of 10 will say this, 1 will just say “sorry don’t do breakdowns” and 1 will go out to do the job,

Don’t be one of the 90%, be one of the 10%.

And don’t forget that if you do a good job you have got your foot in the door (that’s the hardest part) and you may be recommended to others. Recommendations are the best form of work (about 60% of our training attendees are recommendations).

We get people who say “if it takes me 3 hours I only charge for 1 hour, well who wins on that?” Not you that’s for sure.

The 10% who go to that job now have that customer and that job, big or small, it is theirs, not yours. DON’T LOSE OUT ON WORK.

Now to the information that you have come to us to discover

Almost all boiler breakdowns are electrically related. As such we, the Engineers, need an understanding of how the parts of a boiler actually works and how it all fits together to make the boiler work to its optimum level.

Many engineers might just chuck a PCB in and hope for the best, while you can carry on doing that and every now and then you just maybe right, but what about all the times you are not? Who is going to take the hit in the pocket for that? It won’t be the customer!

So, what to do?

There is no problem thinking that you know what might be wrong, but never order anything until you have proved it wrong, many problems can be caused by different components.

We will teach you how to correctly diagnose the faulty part, by doing it the right way you should never have to turn work down, just remember if you don’t go out, then somebody else will!
So make that move and call us today and book yourself on to one of our courses, and stop giving money to your competitors.

If you look at our “Course Dates” page it will give you the dates that are available, and will also list the next Standard Days on both the Multi-Meter fault-finding & Parts and service days.

We look forward to helping you out soon, if you require any more help or information either fill in the “Contact Us” form, or call us on 01375 841804 or 07958 783681.

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These are run on a regular basis, you may be in a class with up to 5 other people (we only have a max class size of 6).

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Recieve One on One learning and see how simple things can be when you understand them!

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