What Will I Learn?

Almost all of the faults that your customers will experience are electrical, stats, thermistors

Nearly all faults are on the electric side, thermostats, thermistors, pumps and fans.

The main thing when you train with us is that you will find out if you don’t know how to use your Multi Meter properly you will never diagnose the problem. Most engineers are not up to speed with this piece of equipment and a lot of people do not even own one. We guess that if you don’t know how to use it, you may as well not own one, is this true? 

Teaching You to Use a Multi Meter

We will teach you how to use a Multi Meter in the correct way so that you need never worry about what you can expect at your next job; and that you will be armed with the right equipment. The next time you change a PCB you will have done it because you actually diagnosed a fault and knew that it was the PCB that needed changing. It’s great to leave a customer in the know you have done your job properly and they will be confident when they need to call you again.

The first thing you always want to know is “is it safe to even switch on”. Our comprehensive training covers and teaches you all of the relevant things associated with the correct tools, good diagnostic checks and repairing issues you will potentially find as an engineer.

If You Want To Learn, We Will Teach You

By the end of a training day you WILL know how to carry out fault finding using a multi meter, and if you don’t already have one you will have a chance to buy on from us on the day.

By teaching you to follow and understand the flow chart in the manufacturer’s instructions (which you must always have before attempting any form of service or repair). You will also be able to check and understand how things work. This covers fans, pumps, thermostats, thermistors, pressure switches, diverter valves and much more.

Boiler Training That Does Exactly That – Educates You So You Can Take Your Work Further

There is no reason that with the knowledge that you will leave us with, and being armed with the right equipment, that you should fear any boiler. Your customer’s will always provide you with the odd ‘pain in the butt’ job, but what’s better than leaving their home knowing that you have solved their problem, been paid for your work and will probably receive work through their recommendation. You simply have to want to do a good job and we will teach you the rest.

So by the end of a boiler training day, there should be no reason why you can’t go to any type of boiler with the right equipment, instructions on repairing the boiler then leaving home owner with heating and hot water. 

We make no secret of the fact that you will need to buy certain tools for the jobs you may come across, and again we can also help you in your choices. We do stock a full range of tools and testing equipment that you can purchase when you are ready and we will provide you with many special offers on the day. We know that we beat most in price and quality and we only sell items that we use; so you know you can trust what you buy from us. 

For More Information Please Visit our Shop Page

We stock a full range of tools and testing equipment, some of which can be bought in a kit form. This includes items like full fault-finding electric TPI kits or full Martindale testing kits. We enjoy hearing from you so give us a call or drop us an email and we will call you back promptly.

Try us first for tools and kits – we don’t charge you for enquiries and are always happy that we keep our prices low.

And if you don’t need tools, please call us for details about our training courses.

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