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  • Standard Multi-meter Day
  • Parts Replacement Service Day
  • 1 to 1 Parts Replacement Service Day
  • boiler training thoughout Essex and the United Kingdom
  • boiler training thoughout Essex and the United Kingdom
  • boiler training thoughout Essex and the United Kingdom
  • boiler training thoughout Essex and the United Kingdom
  • boiler training thoughout Essex and the United Kingdom
  • boiler training thoughout Essex and the United Kingdom
  • boiler training thoughout Essex and the United Kingdom
  • boiler training thoughout Essex and the United Kingdom
  • boiler training thoughout Essex and the United Kingdom
  • boiler training thoughout Essex and the United Kingdom

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  1. Testimonial’s

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    Testimonials From Just A few Of Our Attendees.

    ” I now know how to use a Multi-Meter, day was worth it just for that alone, and i am better now at knowing what setting to put my meter on, before just sort of guessed, or YouTube, but a lot of online stuff you just dont know if its right, better to just learn it the right way” many thanks to the staff at woodys.

    (Multi-Meter Day)  Darren H 07/17


    ” I have taken a lot from this course, just wish had done so sooner, been to some manufacturers days, but they only show what they want you to fit”

    (Parts & Service day)     Ahmed K 07/17


    “ Really informative and great Multi-Meter usage”
    (Multi-Meter Day)          Alex B 06/17


    “ Had the 1 on 1 training, that was very good and very informative, lots to remember, so took plenty of notes”
    (Multi-Meter Day)        Alan R    10/17



    “I really enjoyed today, I feel a lot more confident than I did before, and it has helped my understanding of boilers”
                                          (Multi-Meter Day)              Bupinder G   12/2015



    “Enjoyed my training, very informative + trainer did not baffle me with science, but gave me the facts. I am more aware of which tools I need for the job, I will be investing”

                                         (Multi-Meter Day)             George W       11/15


    “ Its been a great day of learning, found out a lot in 1 day”
                                       (Multi-Meter Day)                 Mark B  10/15



    “ I am very happy with the presentation and I gained knowledge from the day, I would like to say thanks you, and I will recommend you to my friends”
                                       (Parts & Service Day)             Yonas E    10/15



    “ Very easy to approach   for questions, good to get some time on the mixture of boilers, good to link the paperwork (from the multi-meter day)  to actually doing the work on the boilers. Over all very happy

                                        (Multi-Meter Day & Parts & Service Day)      Luke B     09/15



    “ Very happy with the Multi-Meter fault-finding day, I will be back for the parts & service day as well”
    (Multi-Meter Day)                Radostin C    11/14




    “Am feeling much more happy working on boilers now, am in no longer daunted”
    (Parts & Service Day)                Simon C     09/14


  2. Latest News Post’s

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    Hello all again.

    Yet again we have had a bumper year helping many gas safe engineers to tune their skills, and we look forward to doing so for any years to come. But the sad part is that yet again we always see an increase in people attending in the “silly season” when a lot of the work is needed, its far better to learn new skills when its not so busy, then you get the full benefit, but like most things in life, better late than never. so we look forward to seeing you soon 🙂


    The Team




    We are now in a newer bigger place, so more things to offer, bigger shop, bigger range, and new working partners including an up-coming external controls day, SO WATCH THIS SPACE and see you soon


    The Team




    New News

    We will soon be offering PAT Testers, and a PAT Testing training so you can offer your customers this service, we have seen a big increase in demand for PAT Testing, and now is a very good time to get involved, a lot of landlords/letting agents are now starting to request this service, so dont loose out, for more information just click  Just click here to request more info on this matter.



    The Team 15/06/2018



    New News

    Just got a KANE Analyser back, took 6 weeks, so no change there, When you are buying an/any item you always need to look at the customer services as well as the price, so are they good? will you get that call you requested? will anybody contact you if there is a problem? all the things are just as important as the cost. SO WATCH OUT!!!!


    The Team 26/04/2018


    Now we have the cold snap we have been taking calls from engineers wanting to book courses with us, which is nice, but the time to book courses for this type of problem is before the boiler problems start, so get yourself some training ASAP or you may loose out to your competitor, and that you don’t want, so we hope to hear from you soon, and we can get you started in the right direction.


    The team

    We wish all of our past & future customers a very happy new year, and now the times right to progress onto the next stage of our trade, the breakdown , fault-finding and service side of our trade, the best money is made here, and its not hard work, just use a system, so good luck to you all 🙂


    The Team



    With growth in the industry and new products being launched regularly, it’s only right to be up to date with the latest techniques to best serve your customers. We aim to equip Heating Engineers with the knowledge, equipment and skills to tackle all boiler faults and problems that they may encounter.

    We have also found a large increase of fake testing equipment and tools are now coming into us with the engineers we are here to help. Please make sure that “you” can be sure that anything you purchase has come from reliable outlet.

  3. Price Discount Codes

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    New codes every month, so keep looking, and keep saving 🙂 

    October  2019 offer’s

    These codes are for bookings made in September  2019 (does not matter when you attend, as long as you have booked your course in  in October)

    £5.00 off of any Standard day with Code:  SD0OCT

    £7.50 off of any 1 on 1 day with Code:  SDMPOCT (Excluding Weekends)

    £20.00 off the booking price of both of the 1 on 1 days, with code  BD121OCT (Excluding Weekends)

     Limited time offer on this item 2019  only Big Book Of Boilers Vol 1 & Vol 2 Normal price £69.98 + p & p OFFER PRICE only £64.99  plus p & p (or you can collect if your training with us) just click the link   Big Book Of Boilers  

    Dickie Dyer ToolBag 16 Pockets strong nylon zip, when you buy this this month we will credit you back £2.00 so £2.00 OFF just click the Link Dickie Dyer ToolBag when we send this out we will credit you back the £2.00, so you get it back as money, not as credit note 🙂

    On 1 on 1 day courses if a second person is added the offer is only valid for the 1st booking, and not per person

    These codes must be stated at time of booking, as cannot be added after your booking has been processed.

    (These & any other offers may be withdrawn at anytime without any prior notice or warning)
  4. Training Courses

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    01/06/2019   NEW COURSES

    We are now running the multi-meter & fault-finding  course as either a 1 day course, or if you want to take more time you can now do it as a 2 day course.

    We have also made this available on the Parts & Service day as well, you can still do it as a 1 day course, or you can extend this to a 2 day course so you will get to work on more boilers in a controlled environment, best to make any errors here, not out there.

    Just drop us a emal, or txt, or call us, we are here to help you to improve your skills. 


    We have developed our training courses to fit in perfectly with you, our trainees. If you are looking to learn, practice and get hands on experience when you train then we can help you take your skills further.

    Provide you are registered with Gas Safe or have you ACS  our courses and training is for you. We have the following types of course available: Please feel free to contact about anything different that you may require.

    Our boiler training courses can be booked easily. Our trainers will help boost your confidence and assist with your goals for the future in a way that you will be more inclined to accept callouts from customers you otherwise were scared to. What that means is that instead of telling your customers “I only do installations I’m afraid” you will be well equipped to take on jobs that require diagnostics, repairs and maintenance.

    Tool & Equipment Supplies, Course Materials & Training Excellence

    On our standard Multi-Meter training days we invite only a maximum of 8 trainees. This is so that we can concentrate and help each individual with questions and hands on training.

    Our Standard Parts & Service day is a max of 3 people, so plenty of time for us to help you all

    Our 1 to 1 training days are great if you prefer to learn outside of a group, think you may want more time for yourself, then these are perfect for you, but just give us a call and we can discuss your needs in more detail, we know everybody is different.

    We conduct weekend training too (Saturday) – so get in touch and find out, we do these around 2 times a month and booking is first come first serve.

    If you want to find out more about us but are not ready to book yet then, please feel free to give us a call and we can discus your needs, or just check out the website or keep coming back to see more of our blogs – we give you the assurance that training with us is a must.

    So just give us a call, we are here to help you

    See you soon!

    The Team

  5. TPI Products

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    Just click the TPI  link to go straight to the range   TPI Range 

  6. REGIN Range Added

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    Just click this link to go straight to the REGIN products range

  7. New Products added in shop

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    TPI 716 KIT 4  ONLY £740.00 no VAT

    We are now offering a £100.00 discount off of the recommended price, normally £846.66 OFFER PRICE £740.00 no VAT price you see is the price you pay, You get a full 6 year warrantee, set price calibration of £85.00 + VAT, so you know what you are paying.

    You Get:

    1 Analyser
    2 Clamps
    1 Printer
    1 Carry Case
    1 Gas sniffer

    Delivered to you door in 5 – 7  days

  8. Equipment Available

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    As well as being able to purchase your equipment from us either when you train or when you need extra tools, we have excellent equipment on site with which you can learn about further boiler skills that you aren’t yet too confident to try.

    We will show you how to use the correct tools to repair boilers using meters to check, thermisters, fans and electrics and you will get hands on experience on our very own boilers.

    Take advantage of our premium training and book today, taking time out now will give you  more of a chance to develop your customer base in future.

    We stock many more tools than are listed on here in the online shop we offer very good deals on the day, deals that you wont get after or online.

  9. New Website

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    Our new website is here! It was designed and created by Delicious Webdesign and we are very pleased with it. We hope it has arrived with a bang with the kind of site that our clients were asking for. We aim to deliver our courses on a weekly basis or visit our calender page for booking 1 on 1 tuition.

    Here on our blog we will be posting news about our training courses and articles focusing on fixing boilers and boiler repairs.

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