Testimonials From Just A few Of Our Attendees.

” I now know how to use a Multi-Meter, day was worth it just for that alone, and i am better now at knowing what setting to put my meter on, before just sort of guessed, or YouTube, but a lot of online stuff you just dont know if its right, better to just learn it the right way” many thanks to the staff at woodys.

(Multi-Meter Day)  Darren H 07/17


” I have taken a lot from this course, just wish had done so sooner, been to some manufacturers days, but they only show what they want you to fit”

(Parts & Service day)     Ahmed K 07/17


“ Really informative and great Multi-Meter usage”
(Multi-Meter Day)          Alex B 06/17


“ Had the 1 on 1 training, that was very good and very informative, lots to remember, so took plenty of notes”
(Multi-Meter Day)        Alan R    10/17



“I really enjoyed today, I feel a lot more confident than I did before, and it has helped my understanding of boilers”
                                      (Multi-Meter Day)              Bupinder G   12/2015



“Enjoyed my training, very informative + trainer did not baffle me with science, but gave me the facts. I am more aware of which tools I need for the job, I will be investing”

                                     (Multi-Meter Day)             George W       11/15


“ Its been a great day of learning, found out a lot in 1 day”
                                   (Multi-Meter Day)                 Mark B  10/15



“ I am very happy with the presentation and I gained knowledge from the day, I would like to say thanks you, and I will recommend you to my friends”
                                   (Parts & Service Day)             Yonas E    10/15



“ Very easy to approach   for questions, good to get some time on the mixture of boilers, good to link the paperwork (from the multi-meter day)  to actually doing the work on the boilers. Over all very happy

                                    (Multi-Meter Day & Parts & Service Day)      Luke B     09/15



“ Very happy with the Multi-Meter fault-finding day, I will be back for the parts & service day as well”
(Multi-Meter Day)                Radostin C    11/14




“Am feeling much more happy working on boilers now, am in no longer daunted”
(Parts & Service Day)                Simon C     09/14

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