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Hello all.

We are now running a 3 day course (1 day multi-meter, 2 days parts & service) we have been running this on a trial basis for over 1 year, and have had very good feedback on it, so we now offer this course, we are offering a £30 discount on this course. code: 3MOFFER. Must mention this code at time of booking (cannot be added after)


The Team     01/03/2022

Hello all

We are now running the parts and service course as a 2 day course, and we are still running it as a 1 day course, we run the 2 day course for a few weeks, and have good feedback, so we are now offering a 2 course at a discounted price of £480 (discount of £28.00) these days must be run as back to back days. over 2 days we can show you a lot more, and cover many other problems you may encounter.


            The Team 🙂

Hello all

From 1st February 2021, we will be running courses for people who are doing there portfolio for doing the CORE for gas registration. People who wish to book these days will need to provide the name and registration number of the company/person who is overseeing them, plus other documents we be needed to be supplied (TBC) at later date.

We have been requested to offer this for many years, but we felt that enough training was already about, but after looking into this we now feel that this is no longer true.




The Team 11/12/2020

01/06/2019   NEW COURSES

We are now running the multi-meter & fault-finding  course as either a 1 day course, or if you want to take more time you can now do it as a 2 day course.

We have also made this available on the Parts & Service day as well, you can still do it as a 1 day course, or you can extend this to a 2 day course so you will get to work on more boilers in a controlled environment, best to make any errors here, not out there.

Just drop us a email, or txt, or call us, we are here to help you to improve your skills. 

We have developed our training courses to fit in perfectly with you, our trainees. If you are looking to learn, practice and get hands on experience when you train then we can help you take your skills further.

Provide you are registered with Gas Safe or have you ACS  our courses and training is for you. We have the following types of course available: Please feel free to contact about anything different that you may require.

Our boiler training courses can be booked easily. Our trainers will help boost your confidence and assist with your goals for the future in a way that you will be more inclined to accept callouts from customers you otherwise were scared to. What that means is that instead of telling your customers “I only do installations I’m afraid” you will be well equipped to take on jobs that require diagnostics, repairs and maintenance.

Tool & Equipment Supplies, Course Materials & Training Excellence

On our standard Multi-Meter training days we invite only a maximum of 8 trainees. This is so that we can concentrate and help each individual with questions and hands on training.

Our Standard Parts & Service day is a max of 3 people, so plenty of time for us to help you all

Our 1 to 1 training days are great if you prefer to learn outside of a group, think you may want more time for yourself, then these are perfect for you, but just give us a call and we can discuss your needs in more detail, we know everybody is different.

We conduct weekend training too (Saturday) – so get in touch and find out, we do these around 2 times a month and booking is first come first serve.

If you want to find out more about us but are not ready to book yet then, please feel free to give us a call and we can discus your needs, or just check out the website or keep coming back to see more of our blogs – we give you the assurance that training with us is a must.

So just give us a call, we are here to help you

See you soon!

The Team

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