Parts Replacement Service Course

1 Day Course – £244 (Standard Day Max 3 People)

1 on 1 Day £294

Hello to you all. Because lots of new Gas Safe Registered Engineers have done things like “fast track” or portfolios and as such may not have had or been given time to address the inner working of the boilers that you may have seen. Well we have now introduced this new course due to you “our customers” see we do listen to you, and due to you requesting a course where you can remove/replace parts within the boiler to gain more confidence and experience. We aim to make sure that the boilers that you will/may work on are boilers that are now coming to or are out of the manufacturer’s warranty period (not boilers that you can go and look at, but can’t touch for many years) as in a manufacturers training day (as good as these can be for you, it may not help you on boilers they no longer sell)

Q) So what do you need then?
A) Nothing, we will supply you with any tools that you may need to use on the day, so no up front cost to you.

Q) Will I get to take out parts? Ie pumps, fans, APS’s gas valves?

A) Yes, it all depends on how fast you can get the items done in, if your fast we will always try to get you to do something else, never just sit around, some boiler are harder to work on than others, we are trying to arrange a mixed bunch for you.

So if this sounds like a course that can help you then please feel free to contact us by either the “contact us “ page, or just call us, or text the word “callback” and your name and we will contact you

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