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Woodys Training, "Your New Shop"

Boiler Training

Woodys Training, "Your New Shop"

If you have any difficulties with the shop making a purchase please call or email

Hello to our new and existing customers.

This new shop and the offers contained within it are a direct result of you “our customers” have been asking for us to offer the items that can be purchased on the day (Training days) to also be available after they have left.With this new site now up and running will now make that possible.

The first thing you may notice is that we have a postage and packaging cost, and not Free P & P, well there is a simple reason for that, you all know that nothing is “free” to offer free P & P we would just increase all the price items, and as such you would end up paying more in the long run, as we continue to increase our sales our courier charges will drop, and we will pass this on to you.  So if you order 1 or 40 items it will cost the same (up to 20kg)

The P & P include all insurance costs, and will need to be singed for, this helps us both, we want you to get your item in the timeframe that we offer, and you want to get it, so both parties are happy.
So now you can order your items with the safe knowledge that it will get to you safe and sound.

PS.  We will continue to add items to the shop on a weekly basis, but if you feel we can add more, then please feel free to contact us and we will see if we can obtain any item that we currently to not show, we will have special “limited offers” and some end of line ranges.

So for sales info just Email:

New. The shop is now open on Saturday mornings from 10.30 -14.00 (for a trial period) please give us a call before you visit on 07958 783681

Regards Our Team