Read below our FAQs about our Boiler Training Courses. If there are any questions you still might have or would like to know more about, please do not hesitate to Contact Us via the contact form or by call or email.

Of course! We all had to start somewhere and just because you are new to the industry there will be absolutely nothing to worry about. Once you have passed your Gas Safe entry you are more than welcome to take up boiler training with our expert team – and that certification was new at the time too!

Our boiler training is much easier than when you gained your Gas Safe, and that’s because all levels of engineer enjoy our training and find it easy to follow if you want to learn more about our trade.

This would never be an issue with us at all. You will be made to feel comfortable in our company and after all your first install was new to you too.

This is just the same, – “It’s something new” and nothing more than that, plus you will leave with new skills that you will be ready to engineer on a new level.

No of course not. Whether you have a lack of confidence or simply want to add to your qualifications and start accepting customer requests that you haven’t been able to before we will assist.

Our training is designed to teach individuals who learn at differing speeds, and this is why on a standard day we never have more than 8 people so that we can spend time on all of our trainees and answer all of your questions. Our 1 to 1 days are brilliant if you would like the attention and feel that you would be more confident being taught without a small group. Please see our course types for more details.

There is no such thing as a “stupid question.” We just see every question as an opening to teach you what you feel you need. Our trainers expect questions. Why? Because that’s why you have chosen to train with us – if you didn’t ask us anything we would be concerned that we had confused you into silence (we don’t often confuse.)

All of our trainees are with us to learn and we keep everything informal so that you are comfortable with everything we do. We will promise to have a laugh too, so please don’t worry. Anyone with a lack of confidence when it comes to asking and learning will leave us feeling refreshed and educated in what we specialise in – boiler training for Gas Safe engineers.

You will not need to bring any tools with you. And, this is a part of the learning curve – you will be able to use our tools which will give you the knowledge you need to go out and get your own tools.

We only ask that, if you have one, you bring along a decent Auto Ranging Multi Meter. Alternatively you can purchase from our large stock range if you need to on the day.

 Yes you can attend on your own or in a small group of 8. Whatever type of training course types you choose (Standard, 1 to 1, or Saturdays) we offer the chance for you to learn at a cheaper rate or at great value for money we have 1 to 1 sessions so that you can go at own pace. 

Yes we do offer Saturdays, and at busy periods we train as many as two Saturdays a month. Please contact us to arrange and discover the dates available. We know how difficult it is but want to welcome you when we can and will do our best to fit you in on a Saturday that is convenient to you.

Yes we will show you the safety checks and you will carry out a safety electrical check under our supervision. We have worked in our field for years and gained a very loyal following when it comes to our own clients and trainees. We will show you how to work in the correct manner and you will learn to safely work on all makes and models of boilers.

You will be in very safe hands with our trainers at all times.

We hope that we have answered most of your questions in the above Q and A, as we have based these questions on ones we are asked most frequently/ However, we would invite you to contact us by telephone or by using our contact us page and filling out the form.

We are here to help and assist with any questions, any learning issues and of course by helping you select the best type of course for you.

Many Thanks,

The Boiler Training Team

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