Discount Codes January 2024


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January 2024 Offers


And we are still offering  discounts at this difficult time to try to help everybody out.

These codes are for bookings made in January 2024 (does not matter when you attend, as long as you have booked your course in January.

£7.50 Off of any standard day with Code STDJAN1 (Excluding Weekends)

£10.00 off of any 1 on 1 day with Code:  SDMJAN1 (Excluding Weekends)

£25.00 off the booking price of both of the 1 on 1 days, with code  BD12JAN2  (Excluding Weekends)

£45 Off the new 3 day course, with code:  3MOFFER.  (excluding weekends)

£80 Off brand new 4 day course (1 on 1 only) with code 4MOFFER (excluding weekends)

Weekend days have a £75.00 surcharge per day.


Dickie Dyer ToolBag 16 Pockets strong nylon zip, when you buy this this month we will credit you back ¬£2.00 so ¬£2.00 OFF just click the Link¬†Dickie Dyer ToolBag¬†when we send this out we will credit you back the ¬£2.00, so you get it back as money, not as credit note ūüôā

On 1 on 1 day courses if a second person is added the offer is only valid for the 1st booking, and not per person any extra people added will be charged the “STANDARD DAY” price, and not the 1 on 1 day price.

These codes must be stated at time of booking, as cannot be added after your booking has been processed.

Hello all, some sad news, due to the increasing costs of running our courses, we are sad to say that as from the 1st of October all courses will increase by ¬£20 per day, we have not had any real increases in the last few years, and we have taken the rise in costs out of our margins, but this is no longer a thing that we can do, so we had 2 options, Option 1 was to drop the quality of the courses by taking some things out, which we wont do! Option 2 was to increase the cost of the course’s, which is what we have done, we still believe that this was the best option as we know that when people come to us they want to learn, so dropping things out was never an option.¬† We pride ourselves that we are completely independent from any/all forms of sponsorship, so we can say it as it is, and not have to keep quiet. we will continue to stay this way as we feel its the best for you “our customers”

Again we are sorry for this. But we will still be offering all the same courses as we always have.

The Team




(These & any other offers may be withdrawn/updated/changed at anytime without any prior notice or warning)
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